Milanova spare parts

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    Ceramic cartridge Milanova

    Item No.: 98805 By order Back in stock: 12/5/2023 $450.00
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    Connection hose pex Hey Joe pair

    Item No.: 98810 In stock $570.00
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    Waste Chrome

    Item No.: 98813 In stock $410.00

Product information

    • Milanova spare parts

    • Item No. Description RSK EAN
      Item No.: 98805 Description: Ceramic cartridge Milanova RSK: EAN: 7392533988058
      Item No.: 98810 Description: Connection hose pex Hey Joe pair RSK: EAN: 7392533493699
      Item No.: 98813 Description: Waste Chrome RSK: 8572008 EAN: 7392533075956
    • Key Value
      Article Ceramic cartridge Milanova / Connection hose pex Hey Joe pair / Waste chrome "Pop Up"
      Colour Chrome
      Material Brass
      Sundahus Yes C-
      Typ Metal
      Type of product Waste
      Weight .001
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