Our baths are comfortable and practical

The bath is the natural centrepiece of many bathrooms. This is hardly surprising. A warm, relaxing bath is a great way to unwind and enjoy a little everyday luxury. We have baths in Lucite, acrylic, enamel, Solid Surface and cast marble. One thing they all have in common is Svedbergs’s characteristic quality and finish and perfectly balanced design and function.

Solid Surface – a hard-wearing material

Solid Surface bathtubs can be formed into virtually any shape as the material is so malleable. What’s more, Solid Surface is very low-maintenance. And if you drop something and crack the surface, your tub can be repaired to new condition. Solid Surface is a non-porous composite material with many benefits. It is exceptionally hard-wearing and hygienic. Solid Surface can mimic the appearance of wood, stone and other natural materials, but is much more flexible.

Solid Surface

Lucite – easy to clean

Besides looking attractive, Lucite baths are extremely practical and easy to clean. What’s more, Lucite is a highly malleable material that can be moulded into almost any shape.


Acrylic keeps your bath looking great

Besides looking attractive, acrylic baths are practical and easy to clean. What’s more, acrylic is a highly malleable material that can be moulded into almost any shape.


Keep your bath water warm with cast marble

The foremost characteristic of cast marble is that it makes a very sturdy bath. But there are other benefits too. For instance, it keeps the bath water warm for a long time. Ideal if you love long relaxing baths. Choose between various shapes and sizes.

Cast marble

Enamel has a shiny, attractive finish

At the very mention of enamel, many people’s eyes glaze over with nostalgia. This fondness for enamel isn’t only due to its historic traditions; enamel is also a practical and robust material. It has a shiny, attractive surface and is resistant to wear and scratching.


Choose the best bath for you.

Are you looking for your ideal bath? Visit one of our dealers to see our beautiful, practical baths “in the flesh”.

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