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Room for Freedom

Our Room for Freedom concept sums up what we offer. It’s about the freedom to choose from a wide, flexible range of products. The freedom to choose your style. The freedom to feel confident installing top quality products. The freedom to express your personality. It’s your bathroom and you decide how to style it. We’ll be happy to help if you need it!

There’s a style for everybody. We make it easy to find your ideal products.

Our Forma, DK, Stil, Skapa and Intro collections each have a unique design and feel. They all provide a perfect foundation for building a wide variety of styles.

Inspiring styles
The idea behind this style is to eliminate anything unnecessary and only keep things that have an obvious function. Open surfaces, clean lines and a minimal amount of furniture and objects typifies this style.
Concrete, steel and raw, untreated materials are typical of this style. Think brick, raw wood and various types of metal. Darker shades such as black, grey and burnt browns dominate the look.
Create a feeling of calm by paring your bathroom back to the bare essentials. Stark design emphasising shape and proportions, often with creative solutions that add extra function. Natural, durable materials. A colour palette based on grey, green and white.
Ideal if you want to create a calm and slightly stark interior. With natural materials, light colours and a simple, airy look, this style creates a relaxing and inviting bathroom.
New Nordic
A colourful style featuring playful patterns and rounded shapes combined with light wood. This style harks back to the heyday of Scandinavian design in the 1950s. Ideal for the bathroom!



Stylist Malin Qvänstedt Myllymäki offers simple tips on how to restyle your bathroom, for instance by bringing nature indoors.
What are the major bathroom trends? We answer this question with the help of Stinne Knudsen, designer and interior stylist. She offers practical tips about bathroom styling and small details that make a big difference.
Is your bathroom neat and tidy?
We’ll help you organise and structure it. Smart storage solutions make life so much easier.




Nature and authenticity are in Svedbergs’s DNA. Now we’re taking a step further. Click on the link to order our book or browse through it on on our website.