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She woke up to morning sunlight shining through the blinds. From the bathroom you could hear the children laughing. The smell of fresh toast drifted from the kitchen. She walked towards the bathroom in warm, soft sheepskin slippers. The sound of showering and tooth brushing could be heard from the other side of the door. She knocked gently. There was no reply. Silence fell, then a tone of giggle. Suddenly the bathroom door burst open with a loud “Boo!” from the children. After a flurry of hugs, she was just stepping into the bathroom when her husband managed to sneak in before her. “Sorry darling, just a second” he said, before quickly shutting the door. The sound of running water went on for some time before he re-emerged. “Good morning, breakfast is ready.” With a spurious look of irritation, she went into the bathroom and locked the door. Her reflection smiled back from the mirror. Now the bathroom was hers. At least for a short while. Just hers.



Langfoss wins Red Dot Award

The Langfoss bathroom concept from Svedbergs has been named winner of aRed Dot Award for excellence in product design. The Red Dot Award is a prestigious, internationally recognized design competition that presents the best in three categories: product design, communication design, and design concepts.

Reddot winner Langfoss

“Being awarded a Red Dot in the product design category is testimony to the high quality and outstanding design of Svedbergs’ products." Johan Körner, design director

Partnership with Halvor Bakke

When we embark on developing a brand new bathroom collection, how do we start? Unexpectedly perhaps, we contact a Norwegian. Halvor Bakke is well-known in Norway from TV appearances and various partnerships with interior design companies. He partnered up with us to design the new Epos furniture collection. The story has only just begun.

Halvor Bakke, interior designer.
Halvor Bakke

The Bathroom book 2021

We have collected as much information and inspiration in our bathroom book to make it easier for you to realise your bathroom dream – whether you are looking for small or big changes.

The Bathroom book 2021

Langfoss -The ultimate shower

One of Norway’s highest waterfalls inspired us to create a shower with plenty of glass and space. Thin, graphic profiles create a clean, minimalist look. The wave-shaped textile adds a spectacular element as well as an exclusive, cosy feel. We invite you to experience Langfoss, five kilometres south-west of the Norwegian village of Fjæra – or at home in your bathroom.

Reddot winner Langfoss

More mirrors than ever

This year we’ve got more mirrors than ever for you to choose from. Some of them have lighting with adjustable brightness and colour temperature (perfect for makeup or shaving), some provide atmospheric background lighting, and others are just mirrors with no lighting at all.


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Sketch your bathroom in 3D

With a few simple clicks, you can quickly get a rough picture of how your new bathroom will look. You can choose between two bathroom types, one larger and one slightly smaller. Our self-build service allows you to choose between different furniture collections, sizes and colours. Try out different combinations until you’re satisfied.

Sketch your bathroom in 3D
Svedbergs Bathrooms

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