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We create bathroom interiors that last. It’s all about thoughtfulness. About you. About each other. About our products. And about the environment. We design for simplicity, practicality and timelessness, with carefully selected materials and solutions that make people’s daily life easier.
It’s in our nature to think this way.

We have everything you need for your whole bathroom, from bathroom furniture, washbasins and mixers to showers, heated towel rails and WCs. Everything can be matched together including colours, details and materials. Everything has the same high quality and is all delivered together.



Dare to embrace a little darkness and excitement. What would nature be without black, as in the night sky or dark soil? Add interest to your bathroom with our new black products, which include the black Pipe mixer, accessory collection A, black leather handles, the Vist overhead shower and the 180° shower wall with black hinges. Black doesn’t mean doom and gloom. To us it exudes timelessness.
The new round Selfie mirror is both timeless and trendy. This clean-lined mirror has decorative, functional lighting all the way round, which is easily controlled directly on the mirror. The lighting is dimmable and adjusted with a touch function.
Our new products include a vanity unit in our flexible Forma collection, where the items can be mixed and matched to suit your bathroom. The furniture can be installed free-hanging. High or low. Close together or far apart. You can play around with the shapes and create exciting surfaces. You’ll be rewarded with more bathroom space and easier cleaning. “We see this new concept as a celebration of freedom. It creates more space and an airier feel in the bathroom. This is great for everyone, especially if several people share the space.”
The DK furniture collection by designers Morten Voss and Stinne Knudsen is a popular favourite. The collection has an elegant, clean and minimalist look. The new DK Nord has a white frame and a blonde oak front, emphasising the Scandinavian look.
“The combination of wood and white creates a light, spacious feel that reflects Scandinavian nature. DK Nord pays homage to Nordic light.”
Waterfalls are undoubtedly among nature’s most spectacular inventions. Svedbergs’s new shower walls are named after large and small waterfalls and provide a beautiful backdrop for memorable bathroom experiences. Skoga, one of Iceland’s mightiest waterfalls, is first to be released. These beautiful shower walls enhance your bathroom interior and lift it to a new level. You can choose between many models and a wide selection of glass and handles.
We are also launching exciting new baths. Savon is an exclusive bath made of solid surface, a superior material that is highly durable and very hygienic thanks to its special surface finish.

Ume has a rounded shape, while Eno is rectangular. Both baths are made of acrylic, a material that looks good for many years and is easy to clean.

The new Reyk bath is crafted out of cast marble, a material that keeps the water warm for longer for an enhanced bathing experience.
“Cast marble is made from crystallised rock minerals, which brings to mind natural hot springs. It gives you a more pleasurable bath while sparing the environment.”
180° RISTA
Black rocks against light blue water or dark tree trunks glimpsed among lush greenery. Contrasts often make the difference They create exciting tension and visual interest. This certainly applies to the 180° Rista, which gives your bathroom a slightly raw industrial feel. Black is timeless – both in nature and in your bathroom.


Nature and authenticity are in Svedbergs’s DNA. Now we’re taking a step further. Click on the link to order our book or browse through it on on our website.