A laundry room in your bathroom

When planning a laundry room, it’s natural to focus on the white goods. Of course you’ll need to consider which washing machine and dryer get your clothes the cleanest and driest. But what about all the other aspects? Other things that make a laundry room practical and easy to work in. Smart solutions that don’t cost much. Even if you haven’t got a laundry room, you might want to integrate one into your bathroom. Whatever your situation and needs, it makes sense to make optimal use of your space.

Washers & Dryers

A functional laundry room is all about storage

Think about it. We all like things clean and tidy. That’s why you need storage. Somewhere to keep your laundry detergent, fabric conditioner and that clever stain remover product. You need somewhere to put your dirty laundry. Somewhere to fold it. And a surface for the ironing. If you lack space, a creative solution is to stack your washing machine and dryer on top of each other.

New counter cabinets prepared for one of our worktops. With a decor panel on the high cabinets, the frame and doors get the same colour.

With high cabinets, counter cabinets and wall cabinets in the same colours as Forma, you can match the storage with the rest of the bathroom.

Complement the high cabinets with smart options and accessories.

Storage – create your perfect laundry room

Modules and combinations of the storage solutions we offer.

Clever storage solutions

You can never get enough storage. That’s why we’ve created more storage solutions than ever. They range from tall to low, wide to narrow, deep to shallow – and we’ve even made use of the end panels.

Svedbergs Bathrooms

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