Love Me spare parts

  • 209163.png

    Ceramic cartridge Hey Joe, Love Me & Jump 2007-

    Item No.: 98804 In stock 520 kr
  • 209166.png

    Ceramic cartridge Hj, Lm -2006

    Item No.: 98818 In stock 410 kr
  • 222091.png

    Connection hose pex Love Me pair

    Item No.: 98853 Few in stock 1.260 kr
  • 222113.png

    Flow reduction valve 6L

    Item No.: 98899 Few in stock 150 kr
  • 221457.png

    Waste Chrome

    Item No.: 98813 In stock 390 kr
  • 222110.png

    Waste white "Pop Up"

    Item No.: 98894 By order Back in stock: 12/5/2022 1.070 kr
  • 209192.png

    Cover flange Love Me chrome

    Item No.: 98975 Few in stock 880 kr

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