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About Svedbergs

Svedbergs was founded in 1920 and have been making quality bathroom furniture since 1962. Today we are the market leader in the Nordic region and our company noted on the Stockholm exchange since 1962.


Our wooden furniture is given three base coats and one top coat. And we dry each coat with UV light before applying the next coat. All our paints and coatings absorb into the material, sealing it against moisture.

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Working at us

We are always looking to work with qualified individuals in all of our departments at Svedbergs. 

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Svedbergs will develop, manufacture, and market the complete bathroom. This is our business idea, which we follow in our daily work. 

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Our approach

We have baths in various materials: acrylic, enamel and cast marble. They all have high-quality feel and finish and attractive designs. With or without a massage system is a matter of taste

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The factory in Dalstorp is our heart and soul an this is where we combine the know-how in production with innovation and the latest design.

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Most people in Sweden with an interest in interior design will associate Svedbergs with bathroom design. However it was not always like that. 

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Because we make our products in our own factory, we have full control of our environmental impact. We use mandatory marks such as REACH, RoHS and WEEE. Moreover, we are a member of organisations including BASTA, REPA, El-Kretsen and Safe Water Installation.

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