Poem vanity unit

Pendant lightning

A nice interior detail or better light.

Combine an interial detail with extra lightning in the bathroom

A nice interior detail or better light? With one or more pendants, you get both. Different light sources in the pendant mean that you can vary both appearance and light.

Epos vanity unit
Pendant lighting
Pendant lighting
Pendant lightning cylinder.

Select one of more pendants

With one or more pendants in front of the bathroom mirror, you get a better light while the bathroom gets an extra interior detail.

Pendant lighting
Pendant lightning globe.

  • Cylindrical or global-shaped pendant

    Choose between a global-shaped pendant that is available in opal and smoky glass or pendant lighting with a cylindrical shape in brushed brass, matt black or matt white lacquer. A 2.5 meter long fabric cable is always included with the pendant lighting.

  • Spot lighting or atmospheric lighting?

    With different types of light sources in the pendant, you can vary both the appearance and the brightness. Choose a directional spot for spot lighting, a small white globe for the modern style or a larger globe for atmospheric cozy lighting. NOTE: Light source is purchased separately. (Globe: E14, candle: E27.)

  • Choose one of three suspensions

    Complete the pendant lighting with one of our suspension brackets to use the electricity from the bathroom wall or ceiling. Choose between wall bracket or ceiling bracket for 1-3 pendants, or supplement with a roof cup for the ceiling bracket that comes with the pendant lighting.

IP44 certified for use in bathrooms

The pendants are IP44-certified and rinse-proof, which prevents water from reaching electrical parts, which means that the lamps are approved for use in bathrooms.

Pendant lighting
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