Our sustainability efforts are never really complete

It would be easy to boastfully claim that we’ve come a long way in our sustainability efforts. In fact we’ve only just started our journey, even though we embarked on it many years ago – more than a century to be precise. The truth is that the journey will never actually end, because there will always be new challenges to meet and improvements to make.

Excellent news

Our reduction of CO2 emissions relative to net sales since 2018.

Our reduction of combustible waste since 2018.

Our share of renewable energy in 2020.

What have we done, what do we do and what’s our plan for the future?

If you want the long answer, we recommend you read the sustainability report in our most recent annual report. You can easily download it from our website. It might not make the most thrilling reading, but if you’re really interested you can read all about our concrete measures based on Agenda 2030, the UN Global Compact, laws and regulations and the Svedbergs Code of Conduct. If you want a shorter version, we've summarized it into a few points, which you can read here.

Our five focus areas:

– Reducing our products’ environmental impact – Reducing greenhouse gas emissions – Resource efficiency – Corporate social responsibility – Wood from sustainable forestry

We carry out much of our production in our own factories to ensure that the production methods are as resource-efficient, environmentally friendly and climate-smart as possible.

Our high quality means that our products last for many years.

Some of our products are ecolabeled, and more will be in the future.

We promote equality. We celebrate everyone’s equal value, whatever their gender, age, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

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