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You can never get enough storage. That’s why we’ve created more storage solutions than ever. They range from tall to low, wide to narrow, deep to shallow – and we’ve even made use of the end panels.


You might deliberately decide to create a disorderly look, but this should always be a conscious style choice, never an accident. So the question remains; where should you put all your things? The key is a combination of smart storage and a classic methodical approach. Let’s start with the method. Take everything out of your bathroom cabinets and drawers. Get rid of everything you didn't even know you had or don't need anymore. Then divide everything that’s left into categories, such as towels, makeup, electric toothbrushes and nose hair trimmers, bath toys, skin creams, toilet roll, champagne coolers, etc. Now take each group of items one at a time and rearrange them in your cabinets and drawers in a neat, tidy and orderly way.

After this, you might find that some items still don’t fit into your cabinets and drawers. In that case you have two options. One is to buy more storage. If you haven’t got room for more storage units, you’ll need to go through it all again and get rid of more things. If there still isn't enough room for everything after this, you might seriously consider getting a new home with a bigger bathroom. Or multiple bathrooms. The other option is to accept the bathroom you’ve got and embrace a degree of charming disorder. Light a scented candle and relax. Whatever you choose, good luck with your storage!

Our tall storage units can easily be supplemented with open side storage to increase their total width.

Lighting both inside and under the cabinets is practical and looks attractive and cosy.

Pull-out drawers provide an easy overview of the contents.

New frame doors for Forma

Our practical laundry basket can be combined with our laundry cabinets and is easy to lift out and carry to the washing machine.

New aluminum doors with glass, which gives a feeling of a display cabinet. For Langfoss and Epos

Create your perfect bathroom

Modules and combinations of the storage solutions we offer.

A laundry room in your bathroom

When planning a laundry room, it’s natural to focus on the white goods. Of course you’ll need to consider which washing machine and dryer get your clothes the cleanest and driest. But what about all the other aspects? Other things that make a laundry room practical and easy to work in. Smart solutions that don’t cost much. Even if you haven’t got a laundry room, you might want to integrate one into your bathroom. Whatever your situation and needs, it makes sense to make optimal use of your space.

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