Our new Poem furniture range

What was the inspiration behind the range?

From looking at the demographics in the Nordic region, it became clear that there are a lot of single-occupancy households. When we delved a bit deeper, we realised that there are lots of smaller bathrooms in inner-city apartments and that people with houses that have two bathrooms wanted the looks of the larger and smaller bathroom to align. So we asked ourselves the question ‘why let the size of a smaller bathroom prevent us from offering a design experience for these spaces too?’ On that basis, we developed and began offering exclusive options that work perfectly in smaller spaces.

An appreciation of genuine, vibrant and tactile options.

The inspiration comes from embracing a real sense of craftsmanship and continued appreciation of genuine, vibrant and tactile options for both materials and looks. With Poem, we chose to create a calm overall feel, which is why this range is only available with concealed storage, and the fronts with their integrated handles help create that sense of balance. Kitchens and the big drawers that they commonly feature inspired us to ensure we provided plenty of extra space for storage. We have also incorporated practical elements with our durable work tops and washbasins.

Poem in brown ash with integrated Edging.
Poem in brown ash with integrated Edging.

The widest range on the market for smaller bathrooms

One factor that sets us apart from the rest is the fact we offer the most extensive range on the market for smaller bathrooms. Another is the option to create and match stylish design from the simple to the exclusive in bathrooms small to large. The integrated handles, natural wood, genuine veneer, and sober and timeless colours that contribute to a range of looks, from light and bright Scandinavian to dark and sophisticated, all play their role. A variety of depths and widths, as well as the option to match design looks between bathrooms large and small. The major choices when creating a bathroom are the front look, colour, and washbasin to complete the overall feel, whether you choose a traditional form or a counter top version, not to mention work tops that offer value for money. The generous volume is in large part due to the adjustable height of the lower drawer. In contrast to a range like Epos, for example, which offers open storage, Poem is ‘closed’, with a discreet look, putting the focus on functionality and maximising storage potential.

How can you use Poem to create a complete bathroom?

Poem works together and forms a cohesive whole with our other new products. For example, the same wood veneers and colours are available for mirror cabinets and side cabinets. With our ‘Warm and Earthy’ and ‘Natural and Nordic’ concepts, we offer two distinct looks.

Poem in pure oak and with integrated Profile handles.

Warm and Earthy

Warm and Earthy incorporates black and brown ash in real veneer with natural veining and texture. Fronts with integrated handles. Combined with fittings and fixtures in pencil black and black, as well as smoky glass and black matt baths. These options come together to create discreet elegance, invoking refined, muted environments and exclusive spas.

Natural and Nordic

Natural and Nordic involves vivid pure oak with veining, as well as the colours oat and sand. These fronts also come with integrated handles Sober work tops with a sandstone feel and baths with thin edges and a silky matt white finish complete the look. For a contemporary look, combine with line glass in the shower and display cabinet. The overall look is light and bright Scandinavian with a sense of timelessness.

Bloc – good value and made in Sweden

Bloc is perfect for customers looking for something simpler, with carefully selected product combinations for small to medium-sized bathrooms. This affordable furniture is made in Sweden and offers durable surfaces, all with the quality Svedbergs is known for.

Block with two doors and in grey.
Block with two doors and in grey.

What design trends are we incorporating into our bathrooms in 2024?

Integrated handles

We have incorporated kitchen, bathroom and other home design trends from the Nordic region and beyond. Sustainability is a major factor and we see this in the continued importance ascribed to genuine materials and furniture craftsmanship – simply put, people want quality that will last. We picked up on how flat fronts, which used to be a very popular choice, have clearly now been overtaken by deep, integrated handles. The focus here is on details, with elegant transitions that exude craftsmanship. This ties in directly with what we have accomplished in the Poem range with the Frame, Profile and Edging front looks.

Real wood veneer

Wood veneer is available in an array of shades, from rich dark colours to naturally light Nordic tones, with the latter featuring more prominent, vibrant veining. And when it comes to colour, while there are all manner of shades and creative options available on the market, as always we have opted for those that will stand the test of time. What is new for Svedbergs is our sand shade becoming a standard colour, and an off-white shade called oat being added to the palette. The latter works excellently with pure oak, for example, and we have seen examples of this in current trends.

Poem in pure oak with real wood veneer.
Poem in pure oak with real wood veneer.

Line glass

Display cabinets remain popular, with glass in the form of hammered glass or line glass serving as a decorative element. We have opted to shine the spotlight on line glass as a decorative element in our Red Dot award winning Langfoss shower set. This addition makes it possible to create a cohesive whole with our display cabinets that have been available with this glass type for some time.

Darker shades and brushed finishes

In the design world we have also seen a shift towards darker shades of glass, with people sometimes looking to create a more muted feel, so to meet this need we now offer both smoked glass and our new bronze glass in the Langfoss and 180° shower sets. The finish on the fixings and fittings has moved away from traditional glossy surfaces such as chrome and stainless steel in favour of matt and brushed looks in everything from brass and copper, all the way to pencil black and black. The combination of pencil black and bronze glass is a particular favourite of mine – it is a choice that exudes discreet elegance.

What can we expect going forwards?

Looking ahead, we are exploring designs that offer a more premium feel – think muted yet exclusive, ‘quiet luxury’, if you will. Accordingly, the styles will extend from simple and affordable to exclusive design with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Environmental efforts will continue, focusing on ensuring our products are built to last, recyclability, and energy efficiency through smart technology.

Svedbergs Bathrooms

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