Halde spare parts

Spare parts for Halde washbasin mixer. See available spare parts below.

  • 620907.png

    Ceramic cartridge Halde

    Item No.: 99224 In stock $160.00
  • 222173.png

    Connection hose R10 L:450

    Item No.: 99222 In stock $225.00
  • 620908.png

    Aerator 5L Chrome

    Item No.: 95029 In stock $340.00
  • 620908.png

    Aerator 5L Pencil black

    Item No.: 95050 In stock $340.00
  • 620908.png

    Aerator 5L Black matt

    Item No.: 95049 In stock $340.00
  • 620908.png

    Aerator 5L Brushed brass

    Item No.: 95051 In stock $340.00
  • 620906.png

    Distance Halde Black matt

    Item No.: 99225 In stock $90.00

Product information

    • Halde spare parts

    • Item No. Description RSK EAN
      Item No.: 99224 Description: Ceramic cartridge Halde RSK: EAN: 7323100336118
      Item No.: 99222 Description: Connection hose R10 L:450 RSK: EAN: 7323100273925
      Item No.: 95029 Description: Aerator 5L Chrome RSK: EAN: 7323100321114
      Item No.: 95050 Description: Aerator 5L Pencil black RSK: EAN: 7323100346933
      Item No.: 95049 Description: Aerator 5L Black matt RSK: EAN: 7323100346926
      Item No.: 95051 Description: Aerator 5L Brushed brass RSK: EAN: 7323100346940
      Item No.: 99225 Description: Distance Halde Black matt RSK: EAN: 7323100372536
    • Key Value
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