Skoga folding shower screen

The great advantage of a folding screen shower is that it fits all bathrooms and takes up minimum space. Function and practicality take centre stage. Build it exactly the way you want. Start by choosing a model. Then choose the glass, the colour of the folding screens, and finally the size. It couldn't be easier. Depth: 67-97 cm. Height 198 cm.

Design - Skoga


Slimline, practical and with a good seal, not to mention the focus on function and flexibility.

Flexibility - Skoga


Corner shower, alcove shower, folding screen shower and shower screen. Corner showers and shower screens for baths. Integrated space-saving Skoga storage.

Functionality - Skoga


Foldable and space-saving. Reversible for positioning on the right or left. Lifting mounting to make opening, closing and cleaning easier. Preprepared for adhesive mounting. Easy to install.

Quality - Skoga


6 mm toughened safety glass. CE marked. Made in Sweden and sold with a 20-year warranty.

Sustainability - Skoga


100% recyclable.

Product information

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Skoga corner shower with folding screen

Opening dimensions 85-127 cm. Height 198 cm. Toughened safety glass: 6 mm.

Skoga shower screen

Depth: 52-97 cm. Height: 198 cm. Toughened safety glass: 6 mm.

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