Shower seat Relax

Relax is an exclusive shower seat made of Corian. The Relax seat can be installed in our shower enclosure Ritual Premium and can also be mounted on a wall provided that the wall construction allows it. When the seat is not in use it is easily folded down which means it takes minimal space from the shower area. A perfect accessory that makes the everyday life a little more comfortable. The seat is made of a designed Corian plate. The Corian material is a very lasting and durable material that is also used for washbasins and kitchen worktops, and is well tried. The suspension is made of anodized aluminum suited for wet areas. The seat has a comfortable seating surface, is easy to clean and at the same time stylish with a modern expression. Mount it outside the sauna, in your shower or why not in the hall?

Product information

    • Shower seat Relax


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    • Item No. Description RSK EAN
      Item No.: 6292 Description: Shower seat Relax White RSK: 7821931 EAN: 7323100158666
    • Key Value
      Colour White
      Depth 26,5 cm
      Width 26,5 cm
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