Stuor overhead shower set

Choose a Ø40 cm overhead shower head that envelops you in a luxurious waterfall. In addition to the large shower head, the Stuor overhead shower set has a pressure-balanced thermostatic mixer that ensures an even temperature, as well as a cylindrical hand shower complete with shower hose. The overhead shower head is height-adjustable and can be supplemented with a Stuor extension hose.

Product information

    • Stuor overhead shower set

      • 1.5 m Chromalox hose. Hygienic and easy to keep clean

      • Thermostatic mixer available in 150 and 160 cc

      • Scalding protection function that turns off the hot water if the cold water supply suddenly stops.

      • Ceramic seal for long life

      • Safety stop at 38°C to prevent scalding

      • Add a bath spout if your bath has a shower.

      • Available in chrome, pencil black or matt black

      • Cylindrical hand shower on glider.

      • Pressure adjustment knob with integrated diverter function.

      • Type-approved non-return valves in the inlets.

      • Return flow protection according to SS-EN 1717 [EB]. The SS-EN 1717 standard protects against backflow of polluted water into drinking water.

      • All components are made of food grade materials.

      • Overhead shower and shower arm can be swivelled for individual adjustment.

      • Fast reaction to temperature and pressure fluctuations for an even water temperature.

      • Ceramic shut-off valve provides drip protection and long life and makes the tap easy to handle, even for small or weak hands.

      • 5 years guarantee

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    • Item No. Description RSK EAN
      Item No.: 96852 Description: Overhead shower set Stuor Chrome Thermostat 150cc RSK: 8351402 EAN: 7323100298942
      Item No.: 96859 Description: Stuor Overhead shower set Pencil black 150cc RSK: 8350140 EAN: 7323100328458
      Item No.: 96853 Description: Overhead shower set Stuor Black Matt Thermostat 150cc RSK: 8351403 EAN: 7323100298959
      Item No.: 96862 Description: Overhead shower set Stuor Chrome Thermostat 160cc RSK: 8351404 EAN: 7323100298966
      Item No.: 96869 Description: Stuor Overhead shower set Pencil black 160cc RSK: 8350141 EAN: 7323100328465
      Item No.: 96863 Description: Overhead shower set Stuor Black Matt Thermostat 160cc RSK: 8351405 EAN: 7323100298973
    • Key Value
      Bath spout No
      CC 150cc / 160cc
      Colour Chrome / Pencil black / Black matt
      Grip Tvågrepps
      Material Brass
      Shower head Ø400 mm
      Shower hose 1500 mm
      Thermostat Yes
      Type of product Overhead shower set
Svedbergs Bathrooms

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