Langfoss shower screen with curtain 230

One of Norway’s highest waterfalls inspired us to create a shower with plenty of glass and space. The Langfoss shower screen has profiles and details that create a graphic, stringent look. An exclusive feel. The floor profile and rod have a matching design. The shelf that fits onto the glass has the same style.

Langfoss - Design


Red Dot winner 2021. Graphic and minimalist, with an open feel and textiles to bring added softness.

Langfoss - Flexibility


A corner shower and shower screen available in two heights. Textiles in thirty different colours. Display shelf.

Langfoss - Functionality


Reversible for positioning on the right or left. Doors with integrated space-saving grips. Textiles and Line Glass for a secluded shower experience. A shelf for easy access. Easy to install.

Langfoss - Quality


6 mm toughened safety glass. CE marked, made in Sweden and sold with a 20-year warranty.

Sustainability - Langfoss


100% recyclable. Oeko-Tex certified and environmentally labelled textiles with an EU Ecolabel.

Product information

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Langfoss shower screen 230

Depth: 80-90 cm. Height: 230 cm. Toughened safety glass: 6 mm.

Langfoss shower screen with shelf and curtain 230

Depth: 80-90 cm. Height: 230 cm (231 cm top edge with the optional curtain rail). The shelf that fits onto the glass: has the same style.. Toughened safety glass: 6 mm.

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