Sigyn heated towel rail

Sigyn water-heated towel rail with a rounded design. Suitable for small spaces, designed for hanging towels vertically.

Product information

    • Sigyn heated towel rail

      • Combined electrically and centrally heated towel rail. (The 11 cm wide towel rail cannot have both an electric valve and a central heating valve, so it is necessary to choose either one or the other)

      • By connecting your heated towel rail to a central heating valve as well as an electric valve, you get the best of both worlds. In winter you can use the central heating, and in summer, when air humidity is at its highest, you can use the electric valve to get your towels perfectly dry.

      • Remember to turn off the central heating valve when using the electric heating function.

      • Add Erica electric valve with timer and/or radiator valve as an optional accessory. An Erica electric valve with a timer reduces energy use by up to 85%.

      • The radiator valve connects to the existing central heating system (not to the hot water system, fresh water).

      • Connection in either right or left bottom corner.

      • The vertical bars provide maximum drying effect.

      • The fixed hooks make it easy to hang up towels.

      • The towel rail’s slimline design makes it ideal for small spaces.

      • Metal wall mounting concealed behind the vertical pipes.

      • Cover plugs that match the colour and style of the towel rail create an attractive finish.

      • Pressure tested to 10 bar.

      • Guarantee 5 years.

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    • Item No. Description RSK EAN
      Item No.: 55111 Description: Heated towel rail Sigyn 11x120 Chrome RSK: 8730218 EAN: 7323100159670
      Item No.: 57111 Description: Heated towel rail Sigyn 11x120 Black mat RSK: 8730223 EAN: 7323100159724
      Item No.: 56111 Description: Heated towel rail Sigyn 11x120 White mat RSK: 8730228 EAN: 7323100159779
      Item No.: 55113 Description: Heated towel rail Sigyn 26x120 Chrome RSK: 8730220 EAN: 7323100159694
      Item No.: 57113 Description: Heated towel rail Sigyn 26x120 Black mat RSK: 8730225 EAN: 7323100159748
      Item No.: 56113 Description: Heated towel rail Sigyn 26x120 White mat RSK: 8730230 EAN: 7323100159793
    • Key Value
      Colour Chrome / Black matt / White matt
      Connection Electrical & water
      Connection Electrical Yes, Optional extras
      Connection Water Yes, Optional extras
      Depth 10,8 cm
      Height 120 cm
      Material Steel
      Measurements 11 x 120 / 26 x 120
      Sundahus Yes C-
      Towel knob Yes
      Type of product Heated towel rail
      Width 11 cm / 26 cm

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