Skoga alcove shower double/combi with folding screen

A shower experience starts long before you turn on the mixers, and stops long after the shower is over. With its attractive design, Skoga transform the shower into a beautiful bathroom feature. And the practical details maximise floor space and minimise splashing. The grip holes match the shower profiles. Skoga storage is suitable for use with all Skoga profile showers, providing extra vertical storage within the shower. Dimensions: 140-180. Height: 198 cm, (201 cm upper edge of rod). Door opening: 60-80 cm.

Design - Skoga


Slimline, practical and with a good seal, not to mention the focus on function and flexibility.

Flexibility - Skoga


Corner shower, alcove shower, folding screen shower and shower screen. Corner showers and shower screens for baths. Integrated space-saving Skoga storage.

Functionality - Skoga


Foldable and space-saving. Reversible for positioning on the right or left. Lifting mounting to make opening, closing and cleaning easier. Preprepared for adhesive mounting. Easy to install.

Quality - Skoga


6 mm toughened safety glass. CE marked. Made in Sweden and sold with a 20-year warranty.

Sustainability - Skoga


100% recyclable.

Product information

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Skoga alcove shower double with folding screen

Opening dimensions: 120-180 cm. Height 198 cm. Toughened safety glass: 6 mm.

Skoga double alcove combi

Opening dimensions: 60-80 cm. Height: 198 cm (201 cm upper edge of rod). Toughened safety glass: 6 mm.

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