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Five tips for those renovating a smaller bathroom

Transforming your small bathroom into an oasis of comfort and style requires careful thought and creative ideas. With the right bathroom fittings and smart solutions, you can create a bathroom that is not just beautiful, but also practical and functional. Here are a few tips from us here at Svedbergs to help you create your dream bathroom.

Small bathroom with Bloc bathroom furniture

1. Light colours will make the bathroom look bigger

Use light-coloured finishes to create a feeling of airiness and space in your bathroom. Light tones for floor and wall tiles will reflect light and make the bathroom feel bigger than it actually is. Combine the finish with transparent materials, such as a clear glass corner shower to allow the light to flow freely and make the bathroom feel more open.

Stick to a uniform style for your bathroom furniture to create a cohesive, harmonious look. Using too many colours can make the bathroom feel busy.

Tips from Svedbergs

Choose a vanity unit, mirror cabinet and tall cabinet with the same look. For example, our Poem bathroom furniture range in pure oak, paired with a Sarek mirror cabinet and tall cabinet in the same colour.

Poem bathroom furniture in white

Sketch your bathroom

Build your bathroom this evening. Plan it exactly as you want it with just a few simple clicks. Good Luck!

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2. Maximise bathroom storage

In smaller bathrooms, it is what is inside that counts. Opt for bathroom furniture that combines flexibility with smart storage. A vanity unit with extendible drawers and a mirror cabinet together provide room for everything you could need in the bathroom, without it feeling cluttered.

Our new Poem furniture range comes with an exclusive drawer insert in the upper drawer, while the extended vanity unit height gives the lower drawer more space than ever.

Tips from Svedbergs

Choose a vanity unit with a depth of 35 cm to free up more floor space and combine the vanity unit with a mirror cabinet for extra storage of your bathroom items.

Poem bathroom furniture with an open drawer
Poem vanity unit

New bathroom products

3. Tall mirrors create depth

A well-proportioned bathroom mirror in terms of height can make a bathroom feel bigger than it actually is. Placing a large mirror on the wall reflects the light and creates the illusion of a larger space.

Tips from Svedbergs

If you are looking for a particularly tall mirror, choose the Valje Oval mirror with energy-efficient LED lighting. Available in a width of 45 cm and heights of 90 and 110 cm.

Valje bathroom mirror and Poem bathroom furniture

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In our catalouge Bath & Room you can find the entire product range. Browse the catalouge online or visit a retailer.

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4. Think about your lighting

Make sure the bathroom is lit with different light sources to avoid dingy areas. Choose a mirror cabinet or a bathroom mirror with built-in LED lighting and why not add one or two pendant lights to combine extra lighting with a stylish design detail.

Tips from Svedbergs

Our Skuru mirror cabinet and Ista mirror both have adjustable lighting, meaning that you can adjust the lighting on the furniture itself. If you want more lighting, why not add drawer lighting and floor lighting to your vanity unit.

Valje bathroom mirror with LED lighting
Design with sustainability in mind with bathrooms made in Sweden from durable materials

Design with sustainability in mind with bathrooms made in Sweden from durable materials

5. Add a tall cabinet to draw the eye upwards

Create the illusion of height by choosing a tall cabinet that extends up along the walls. A tall cabinet also gives you the possibility of extra bathroom storage. Add some of our smart accessories to your tall cabinet, such as extendible drawers to store your towels and our sheet metal charging station, that allows you to store hot hair tongs in the tall cabinet.

Tips from Svedbergs

Our tall cabinets are available in two different heights and depths. Opt for Open Storage with an open storage shelf to display your favourite bathroom accessories.


Poem bathroom furniture in brown ash with side cabinets

Tips & advice for your new bathroom

Thinking about renovating your bathroom? The route to a new bathroom can feel long, but the results are often well worth it.

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