Epos – a journey of design and possibilities.

The inspiration for our new Epos furniture collection has come from many sources. Magazines we’ve read, experiences we’ve lived, people we’ve met, combined with a large dose of creativity. In a simple and inspiring way, you can choose between different sizes, colours, interior styles, materials, functions and – not least – combinations. You’ll be rewarded with a unique, personalised solution tailored to your bathroom. Your own Epos.

The TV celebrity who designed Epos

When we begin to design our new Epos furniture collection, we contacted Norwegian interior designer and TV personality Halvor Bakke. Together, Halvor and our in-house design team have created something completely new, based on choice, combination, colour, shape and function. Designed for a space full of energy and enjoyment.

Halvor Bakke

“I don’t see myself as a TV celebrity. I’m somebody who loves creating homes that people longing for and feel as their homes.”

Freedom of choice

Epos is all about choice. Find inspiration and try out different combinations to customise the perfect solution for your style, your bathroom and your needs. Decide whether you want drawers or open storage – or both.


Explore Epos

The result is a unique look that brings together materials, function and details. But what everyone's talking about the is the freedom of choice.

More storage

You can never have enough storage, but Epos goes one step further. On the 100 cm furnitures you can choose either drawers or open storage – or both. But smartest and most innovative feature of all is the side storage. On the front there is an open storage where you can put your most attractive products on display. At the back with opening onto the side, is another storage for items you don't want to put in the front.

Practical drawer with electrical outlets

In the 40 cm drawer (included, widths of 120 and 200 cm), we’ve added several practical functions. These include double sockets and practical storage with space for big bathroom products like hairdryers and electric toothbrushes.

Optional metal drawer

When you choose an Epos furniture with open storage at the bottom, you can add an Epos metal drawer to display your products in a nice way. Available in black and white.

Three different frontal expressions

The unique design makes the bathroom feel like an extension of the home. The front panels add character and atmosphere to the bathroom. Choose between Flat, Push open, Stripe or Relief, and between the colours white, slate grey, black oak, white ash, brown ash.


Flat Push open



Stripe Push open

Washbasins integrated

The traditional basins, is in matt white and are made of mineral composite. This material has a luxurious feel and allows the basins to be made very thin and wide without seams.

Sit-on basins

All the on countertop washbasins have geometric shapes and ultra-thin edges to enhance the visual design. These basins are available in steel (PVD-coated), porcelain and Solid Surface.

Choose between five colours

Epos is available in five colours: white ash, brown ash, black oak, white or slate grey, and with a choice of three fronts: Flat, Relief and Stripe. You can also choose one of our optional colours: marine, ash grey, limestone, sand and sage.

Dekton countertops

The countertops are made of Dekton, an exceptionally hard, scratch-resistant material that is more resistant to bending than granite. The material is also UV-resistant, which makes the surface easy to clean and prevents fading. Choose between Keon, Danae, Laurent, Sirius, Aura and Rem.


Has a sand-coloured limestone look.


Has a grey industrial look.


Has a dark background with gold marbling.


Has a matt black slate look.


Has a white background and grey-black, pronounced veining.


Has a relaxing marble look with a light background and through-coloured edge.

*Special, elivery time approx 7-8 weeks.

Drawers, open storage or both?

The vanity units come in widths of 80, 100, 120, 160 and 200 cm. After you’ve made your choice, you can start experimenting to find the perfect solution for your taste, your bathroom and your needs. You choose whether you want drawers, open storage or a mix of both. The drawers have a stainless steel base and wooden divider inserts that match the colour of the cabinet fronts, a practical and attractive solution. You can choose between a Push open system or handles on the drawers.

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