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The factory in Dalstorp is our heart and soul an this is where we combine the know-how in production with innovation and the latest design. The mechanical production is top modern and the logistics are precise but you still can feel the feeling of the original family company.

Keeping an eye on details

It is always an experienced, sensitive hand that gives the last touch on the furniture and gives the final quality approval. It is the human touch that is the most important factor for us to maintain our high level of quality, year after year.

A needles eye to pass for every innovation

Having the development team close by the production has a big advantage. The developers can often be seen testing and trying new ideas to find out if the innovation can face the requirements. A product will not be released on the market without us knowing that it work in real life.

By craftsmen, for craftsmen

The advantage with the complete bathroom starts already when you plan and fit your bathroom. When we deliver a bathroom, either to a building project or to a private house, it is delivered complete on a pallet, just in time, ready to be fitted. Granted, installers (and DYI:ers) appreciates Svedbergs and our Complete Bathroom.