It all started in 1920 with a well-designed milk churn

We love bathrooms. The challenge of combining modern design with practical function in a small space that is subjected to water, moisture and temperature fluctuations every day. But that’s not how it all started.

Holger's Idea

When young Holger Svedberg founded the company in 1920, he started out manufacturing milk churns. Although they were the best milk churns on the market, they didn’t have much in common with the bathroom furniture we make today. Except for one small detail: top quality sheet metal produced in the company’s own tin factory.

The cabinet that became a trendsetter

The years went by and Holger’s sons grew up It was the period after the Second World War when belief in the future was strong. The brothers saw potential all around them, and had a new vision for the tin factory They enthusiastically began trying their hand at making other sheet metal products. The result was a revolutionary bathroom cabinet made of sheet metal with built-in lighting. This innovation would become a trendsetter for all modern bathrooms.

The brothers continued innovating

The breakthrough year was 1962. As a result of the new bathroom cabinet, bathrooms started being taken seriously. What was once regarded as an anonymous, private and purely functional room was transformed into a space for furnishings, design and relaxation. The brothers continued innovating. Soon they built a large carpentry workshop and launched their first bathroom furniture.

Several of our bathroom cabinets are inspired by the one that revolutionised bathrooms in 1962.
DK furniture range, designed by Morten Voss and Stinne Knudsen.

Our sense of craftsmanship continues

Almost a hundred years after it was founded, the tin factory lives on. And so does our sense of craftsmanship. Expertise passed down through the generations and adapted to modern production methods. Much of our work is still done by hand, always with care and precision. That’s how things have always been done in Dalstorp whether it was milk churns or bathroom furniture.

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