Skule washbasin mixer smooth

Skule is a clean-lined basin mixer that can be combined exactly as you want. With a wide selection of colours and a choice between a smooth or knurled surface, you can find the perfect mixer for your bathroom.

Product information

    • Skule washbasin mixer smooth

      • Ceramic seal for long life

      • Available in a high or low version

      • Flow controller

      • All our mixers are Food Grade and their composition complies with MS4 requirements*

      • Including type-approved, flexible connection pipe for easier installation

      • Our control units are tested with 70,000 opening and closing cycles before approval

      * MS4 is a list of approved brass alloys for products that come into contact with drinking water.

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    • Item No. Description RSK EAN
      Item No.: 96811 Description: Skule washbasin mixer chrome RSK: 8277482 EAN: 7323100118318
      Item No.: 96844 Description: Washbasin mixer Skule Brushed brass RSK: 8278471 EAN: 7323100290311
      Item No.: 96845 Description: Washbasin mixer Skule Pencil black RSK: 8278472 EAN: 7323100290328
      Item No.: 96814 Description: Washbasin mixer Skule Black Mat RSK: 8277942 EAN: 7323100205810
      Item No.: 96848 Description: Washbasin mixer Skule Chrome RSK: 8278475 EAN: 7323100290359
      Item No.: 96849 Description: Washbasin mixer Skule Pencil black RSK: 8278476 EAN: 7323100290366
      Item No.: 96847 Description: Washbasin mixer Skule Pencil black RSK: 8278474 EAN: 7323100290342
      Item No.: 96846 Description: Washbasin mixer Skule Black RSK: 8278473 EAN: 7323100290335
    • Key Value
      Colour Chrome / Brushed brass / Pencil black / Black matt / Chrome/Pencil black / Pencil black/Chrome / Pencil black/Black / Black/Pencil black
      Material Brass
      Type of product Washbasin mixer
      Grip Engrepps
      Drain No
      Height 165 mm
      108 mm
      Connection G 1/2
      Flow controller nej 14 l/min
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