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Five tips for those who are renovating the bathroom

When planning a bathroom renovation, careful planning and budgeting are key to success. Use Svedbergs' design tool to visually plan your new bathroom in 3D, and be sure to hire professional craftsmen to ensure quality and wet room safety. Also, choose durable and environmentally friendly options for bathroom furniture and installations that not only reduce environmental impact but also long-term costs.

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1. Plan carefully and set a budget

Start by creating a detailed plan before you begin renovating the bathroom. What does the room look like? Will you have a fully tiled bathroom or a wet room mat? Shower or bathtub? During the planning phase, you should also set a realistic budget. Include costs for materials, furniture, labor, as well as unforeseen expenses and a buffer for surprises that may arise during the bathroom renovation.

Use Svedbergs' design tool where you can draw your new bathroom in 3D and choose both surfaces and bathroom furniture.


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Build your bathroom this evening. Plan it exactly as you want it with just a few simple clicks. Good Luck!

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2. Hire professional craftsmen

Consider hiring professional carpenters, plumbers, and electricians when it’s time to start the bathroom renovation. This ensures that the renovation is carried out correctly according to current industry regulations and that you get a wet room-safe bathroom.

Many of our retailers can help you with renovating the bathroom and installing your bathroom furniture. Search for your nearest Svedbergs retailer and request a quote.

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3. Choose environmentally friendly and durable options

Invest in high-quality bathroom furnishings made from durable materials. With durable bathroom furniture, you get a bathroom that lasts a long time and has a low environmental impact. Svedbergs' Swedish-made bathroom furniture has a warranty of up to 20 years, which means you get bathroom furniture that lasts a really long time.

Consider installing water-saving mixers for the sink and shower area to reduce water consumption, which is both good for the environment and lowers your water costs.


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In our catalouge Bath & Room you can find the entire product range. Browse the catalouge online or visit a retailer.

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4. Choose the right size furniture

When it’s time to choose bathroom furniture, make sure to select pieces that fit the size of the bathroom. Too large furniture can make the bathroom feel cramped, and too small furniture can make the bathroom look disproportionate.

Choose bathroom furniture that matches your personal style and keep in mind to select furniture that is both functional and complementary.


For medium to large bathrooms

5. Maximize space with storage

Choose furniture that not only looks good but is also functional and fits your needs. Consider selecting bathroom furniture with good and smart storage to keep the bathroom organized. With mirror cabinets above the sink cabinet, tall cabinets, and shower storage, you can maximize the storage space in the bathroom.

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Tips & advice for your new bathroom

Thinking about renovating your bathroom? The route to a new bathroom can feel long, but the results are often well worth it.

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