An interior designer’s tips for bathroom styling

What are the major bathroom trends? We answer this question with the help of Stinne Knudsen, designer and interior stylist. She offers practical tips about bathroom styling and small details that make a big difference. Stinne also reveals what she would choose if she could make just one change to a bathroom.

Stinne Knudsen

Time for beautiful colors

“At last,” says Stinne with a big smile. After a long period with lots of black, white and grey, it‘s time for beautiful colours in the home, both on walls and furniture. The overall feel will be softened with velour and velvet fabrics. There’s a strong emphasis on reuse and sustainability.

Stinne Knudsen & Morten Voss

The latest bathroom trends

The signals are clear for home design in general, but what about the latest bathroom trends? “There’ll be more freedom for individual creativity. We’ll see baths and basins in green, pink and blue. Furniture will be daintier, with open shelves in exclusive materials such as marble."

Stinne is inspired by fashion, art, patterns and everything in between, and by colour combinations from different environments. Her own bathroom is decorated with Marimekko because it reminds her of her childhood and makes her feel good. She also draws inspiration from a quote by William Morris (textile designer, poet and writer):
Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

“I think that’s a great starting point for all interior design.” Good design is a matter for discussion, but Stinne has no doubts. For her it means products and spaces created for people’s needs and dreams using materials that age gracefully.

Three tips when decorating the bathroom

We asked her to list three key points to focus on when styling a bathroom.


“Accentuate the bathroom’s character, or contrast it. A small bathroom will seem larger if it’s painted in light colours and has a large mirror.”


“Make the bathroom functional; think of it as a workplace. This will eliminate many irritating disruptions to your daily routine.”


“Choose beautiful details and materials. The mixer and washbasin are particularly crucial to the overall effect. And don’t be afraid of the unusual. For instance, a crystal chandelier adds personality and light to a bathroom.

Fyn Washbasin


"Fyn washbasin
- functional and beautiful"

When asked what she would choose if she could only change one thing in a bathroom, she doesn’t hesitate:
“Get the FYN washbasin from he DK collection. It’s a functional fixture and a beautiful sculpture in one.”

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