The decorator Halvor Bakke

For two days in November, we found refuge in a barn just outside Oslo, located high up on a hill and offering a breathtaking view out over the fjord. Despite the cold temperatures outdoors, the carefully decorated bathrooms created a warm atmosphere that was the very reason for this meeting with Halvor.

To find inspiration

Halvor shares with us that he has a burning curiosity for new things, places and cultures. For him, these experiences offer space to breathe and flashes of inspiration. Halvor explains: “Inspiration can come from different places – a walk in the forest or time spent on the beach. It could be a colour or a shape that catches my eye, starting the cogs whirring in my head as I think about how I can incorporate it into my projects."

Aurem bath
Badkar Auren in black matt.

"My biggest source of inspiration comes from my travels, particularly in South Africa"

- Halvor Bakke, interior designer

Bathrooms with South African influencers

The South African inspiration is clear to see in the bathrooms, embracing a country that Halvor clearly holds dear and to which he makes regular visits. The South African elements are subtle, blending harmoniously into the background without dominating, and instead working with the bathroom decor to take things to the next level. Stone figures, stalks of grass and the dancing fires bring life to the room and make for a beautiful contrast to the furniture.

Auren bath
Epos vanity unit
Epos 120 in brown ash composed with Valje mirror and tall cabinet with a glass door.

Find the joy

As an interior designer, Halvor is keen to emphasise the importance of bringing a personal touch to the bathroom, integrating it with the rest of the home. He explains that for him, the details are key, and he strives to create homes that are a joy to come back to. It is this feeling that he wants to convey through his creations. It is important for your home to bring you a sense of happiness.

" I have devoted a lot of time and work to creating this atmosphere, and often it is the details that make the biggest difference"

- Halvor Bakke, interior designer

Epos vanity unit
Epos 60 in the color sage.
Epos vanity unit

My dream bathroom

He is particularly keen to highlight the larger bathroom, with its mix of warm tones, dark woods, and black details. The black bath, Auren, which is a new addition to our range, brings the whole room together. “The bathroom is beautiful and offers a fantastic sense of contrast. It’s my dream bathroom,” he declares.

Epos vanity unit

It is my dream bathroom

Halvor Bakke

How can you recreate this feeling in your bathroom?
Make your home a joy to come back to. Here are some of Halvor’s top tips:

1. Incorporate scented candles and reed diffusers to bring a calming effect to your bathroom.
2. Big, soft towels and dressing gowns.
3. Try to bring an organic element into the bathroom. Perhaps a wooden figure or some green plants.

Svedbergs Bathrooms

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