New Nordic

New Nordic originated as a Scandinavian niche style. It’s perfect if you don’t like either minimalist and dark or stark and white, and if you love a colourful, lively bathroom. Typical features include playful shapes, light wood, rounded edges, curvy furniture, good-value design and plenty of colour. Warm pastels mixed with bright neons – often pink and yellow. Patterned fabrics and leafy plants such as monstera and fiddle-leaf fig enhance the cosy, inviting feel.

New Nordic

Colourful and playful

A colourful style featuring playful patterns and rounded shapes combined with light wood. This style harks back to the heyday of Scandinavian design in the 1950s. Ideal for the bathroom!

Products compatible with this style

New Nordic is a colourful style featuring playful patterns and rounded shapes. If you love warm pastels combined with bright neon colours, this is the style for you. Perfect the look by choosing a gold mixer, knobs and handles.

New Nordic
New Nordic

Style features

→ Playful → Colourful → Light wood → Pastels → Patterns

There’s a style for everybody

During the year, we’ll present various inspiring styles. We’re starting with shaker, minimalist dark, minimalist light, industrial, New Nordic and Scandi.

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