How to breathe new life into your bathroom

Make your bathroom an integrated part of your home. Bring it to life with organic elements, create atmosphere with fragrances and add smart storage. These are some of Malin Qvänstedt Myllymäki’s inspiring tips. She advocates personalising your bathroom, daring to be creative and not being limited by conventional ideas of what bathrooms should be like.

Pebbles in the sink

Surprise your guests. We all like to make our home look nice when guests are coming – but it’s easy to forget the bathroom. Putting a few pretty pebbles in the washbasin is a simple and effective touch. The running water will enhance their natural colours.

Neat and tidy

Try to choose a uniform style for all your storage furniture. This creates a more relaxing impression. Install smart extra storage solutions, and aim to keep as much of the storage as possible in the same place. Think outside the box. Toilet rolls don’t necessarily need to be kept on a special holder or in a cupboard. Try putting them in a pretty basket. Many items can be hung up – use the wall space as well as the floor. You can hang all sorts of items on your hooks and towel rails, not just towels.

Bring nature indoors

Organic elements breathe life into a bathroom. Stones, twigs, branches and leaves create a calm, relaxing atmosphere in the room. If your bathroom is big enough, you could add some potted plants. Otherwise, something smaller in a vase works well too. Dried flowers or branches are practical as they don’t need water. Bring in seasonal greenery gathered from your garden or from surrounding nature. Match the colours or create exciting contrasts. The only limit is your imagination.

Express your style

Put a personal stamp on your bathroom with carefully selected details. Ornaments are a great way to personalise a room. A fun souvenir from a holiday evokes fond memories and gives the room character. Add items that evoke positive feelings. A picture you painted yourself, a car boot sale find or a pretty box brings the room to life and arouses curiosity. Use your jewellery as decoration. Display soaps and mini bottles in a bowl or basket. There’s no right or wrong as long as your bathroom reflects who you are.

Make your bathroom part of your living space

There’s a growing trend for styling bathrooms as a living space that matches of the rest of the home. Create character with furniture and decorations. Use your bathroom as a room, not “just a bathroom”. Add the same type of details and furniture as in other rooms. For example, the mat doesn’t have to be a bathroom mat. Try using a rag rug or other type of mat instead. Shop around for the perfect mat. There’s a vast choice available.

Create atmosphere with fragrances

Let fragrances be part of your décor. Choose scents that express your style to give the room a unique identity. Scented candles, incense and air fresheners create atmosphere and smell wonderful. Run a bath, light scented candles and play relaxing music. What could be more atmospheric? Put scented bags in a bathroom cabinet, maybe amongst your towels. The scents of lavender, rose and camomile help you relax. Vanilla and lemongrass create a positive atmosphere. Lime and citrus lift your spirits.

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