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“To me, bathrooms are about function and storage,” says Anders Öfvergård, also known as Arga Snickaren (The Angry Carpenter) and as presenter of TV programmes such as Expedition Robinson (the Swedish version of Survivor). He recently fitted out the bathroom of his house in Värmdö with Svedbergs products. According to Anders, a bathroom should have plenty of storage space and be easy to keep clean. We visited him to find out more and discuss his experiences of the bathroom renovation.

A bathroom with straight, clean lines

Anders’s house has a modern, contemporary interior style with clean, straight lines. For this reason, he built an appealing and essential bathroom in natural colours to match the house’s overall style.

“I’m a fan of natural colour tones and don’t want to see lots of colours on vanity units, mixers and mirror cabinets. I chose black shower and basin mixers, which look fabulous with grey tiles and grey bathroom furniture."

"To me, a bathroom is a combination of function and storage. I also love a bathroom that’s easy to keep clean. It’s a room that needs to age well because it’s going to be around for a long time.”

Two of everything

Anders’s new bathroom is right next to the bedroom and is only used by him and his wife. It has two showers, two basins and double storage space in the vanity unit and mirror cabinets. It’s like having your own bathroom, even though it’s for two people.

“An important consideration when designing a bathroom is that it should look fresh and attractive while also being easy to clean. It’s also important to be governed by your own personal taste rather than other people’s opinions. In the same way as a bedroom, a bathroom is a very personal space since it’s rarely used by other people.”

DK vanity unit

I like having drawers in the vanity units, and it’s great that you can utilise all the drawer space.

DK mirror cabinet

This is a great mirror cabinet. The light in the mirror is fabulous, and I like the doors without handles

Wave basin

With twin basins and solid porcelain for very easy cleaning.

Skule basin mixer

I love the black mixers, and the matching black pop-up waste really completes the look.


Shower with shower set

Having two overhead showers gives an extra touch of luxury, and it looks great to have a glass wall with shower entrances from both sides.

WC module

This a great WC. The water trap has a special design that minimises dirt buildup and facilitates cleaning.

What ideas did you have in mind when planning your new bathroom?

“I decided to use large tiles measuring 60 x 60 cm all over the floor. And instead of a traditional floor drain, I installed a Unidrain, a special drain that sits at an angle between the floor and wall. The advantage of a Unidrain is that you can use large tiles all over the bathroom floor without needing to mix in smaller tiles in the shower area. You can also cover the drain with floor tiles, copper or a stainless steel grille.

“I chose a 140 cm shower wall. My only concern was that with just 70 cm of space per shower, water might splash from the twin showers. It turned out there was no problem at all, especially since we have two overhead showers, which have a concentrated water jet.

“I like having a solid porcelain washbasin. It’s much easier to keep clean than a countertop basin. With an integrated washbasin, you can quickly clean the vanity unit with a glass of water without making things wet or damaging the surface finish.”

What were your experiences of the renovation?

When we asked Anders what it was like to install the Svedbergs bathroom products, he said his experience was mainly positive.

Installation of the vanity unit and mirror cabinet went very smoothly. “The vanity unit was really easy to install using the mounting bar and adjustment screws. It saves the need to use legs and screw fixings, which can make it difficult to get the vanity unit level. It’s really easy to hang the vanity unit on a mounting bar and then use a spirit level to check that everything’s straight. I also loved the Allen key included with the WC, which is used to attach the WC module to the porcelain.”

Plenty of space for the vanity unit and shower

We asked Anders what you should bear in mind when planning a new bathroom. One thing he recommends is to always have the moisture barrier installed by a professional certified to work in wet areas. He also says that you don’t necessarily need to use tiles all over the bathroom, as this can create an overly sterile look. When planning your bathroom, make sure to allow plenty of space for the right furniture.

“It’s unusual for a bathroom to be too small, so I tend to recommend choosing a twin basin rather than a single one. The difference in price isn’t that big."

“The WC needs less space than you think. On the other hand, allow as much space as possible for the vanity unit and shower. It’s more important to have plenty of room in the shower than around the toilet.”

He also recommends double storage units, since several people often share the same bathroom. He says that many people don’t realise it’s the width of the shower space that’s important, not the depth. A wide space allows room to extend your arms and elbows, resulting in a better shower experience.

Anders’ three top tips for a bathroom renovation

Use drawers for storage
as much as possible

It’s much nicer looking down into a drawer than rummaging around at the back of a shelf. There are typically many bottles and jars in a bathroom, and it’s easier to find them when they’re stored in drawers.

Build a bathroom
that’s easy to clean

A bathroom with a WC module and a wall-mounted WC is much easier to keep clean. Also, try to get a vanity unit without legs. This makes the bathroom easy to keep clean, which helps it age well and stay looking good over time.

Don’t make too many
holes in the surfaces

Try to avoid making holes in the bathroom walls and floor. Soap or shampoo holders are often fixed to the wall in the wettest area of the bathroom, which increases the risk of moisture damage.

A trend for multiple bathrooms

We asked Anders what future trends he predicts for bathrooms. He thinks homes will have multiple bathrooms like in the United States, although perhaps they’ll be smaller in size.

“In the US it’s common to have one bathroom for each bedroom, and I think this will also become more common in Sweden. We’ll focus more on small bathrooms with twin basins and a shower, while baths might become less popular.

“And I think we’ll want even more bathroom storage space. Instead of storing towels in a different room, people will want to keep everything in the bathroom.”

Why did you choose to install Svedbergs bathroom furniture?

“Sweden has such a wealth of furniture manufacturers, and I believe in choosing Swedish suppliers to support Swedish production. Buying Swedish-produced bathroom furniture also makes delivery easier.”

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