The innovative towel rail.

A perfect blank canvas

Magnetic is a heated towel rail that you can adapt to create your own look. Move the magnetic hooks around and choose to add in extras based on your own needs and situation.


Eco mode

Magnetic has an Eco mode, which reduces electricity consumption by 50%.


Adjustable one-off timer that turns itself off automatically at the end of the time set. Saves both energy and the environment. 


Scheduled timer, can be set for periods of 1 to 12 hours. Using the timer can reduce energy consumption by up to 95%.


Magnetic comes with a fixed bracket at the top on the front. Chrome or white bracket for white fronts and pencil black or black bracket for black fronts.


You will receive two knobs with your Magnetic unit. Chrome or white knobs for white fronts and pencil black or black knobs for black fronts as standard. You can purchase more if you wish.


Magnetic offers a thin, clean look that you can configure as you wish. The perfect blank canvas.

Touch panel

Integrated touch panel flush with the metal panel. Can be used to activate Eco mode and a timer to reduce energy consumption.

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