Electric element Erica 300W

The Erica 300W electric valve is energy-saving and user-friendly. It has a stylish new design with a concealed connection, where the towel rail and electric valve appear to blend seamlessly together. Available in white matt, black matt and chrome. Temperature knob 20-60°C. Antifreeze 7±3°C. Timer and boost 3 hrs. NTC sensor, senses the water temperature and stops heating – energy-saving. 3 bar safety valve. Adjustable measurements for installation against a wall 53–73 mm (from centre of towel rail to wall). Multi-pole switch.

Product information

    • Electric element Erica 300W

      • User-friendly temperature knob for adjusting temperature between 20–60°C

      • The timer function can be set twice a day, and heats the towel rail at maximum power for 3 hours. The function is repeated every 24 hours. Can reduce energy use by up to 85%

      • The boost function heats the towel rail at maximum power for 3 hours, then automatically reverts to the setting on the knob.

      • Antifreeze 7±3°C, starts the electric valve if the external temperature drops too low, to prevent the towel rail from freezing. NB: The switch must be on

      • Output 300W

      • NTC sensor, senses the water temperature and stops heating – energy-saving

      • 3 bar safety valve for relieving excess pressure inside the towel rail

      • Adjustable dimensions against wall 53-73 mm.

      • Built-in multi-pole switch

      • Concealed connection for vinyl tube included

      • Can be connected with a visible power cable

      • IPx4

      • Guarantee 5 years

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    • Item No. Description RSK EAN
      Item No.: 54041 Description: Electric element Erica 6x15x49 Chrome RSK: 8716483 EAN: 7323100116635
      Item No.: 54042 Description: Electric element Erica 6x15x49 Black RSK: 8716484 EAN: 7323100116642
      Item No.: 54043 Description: Electric element Erica 6x15x49 White Mat RSK: 8716535 EAN: 7323100160089
    • Key Value
      CE Yes
      Colour Chrome / Black matt / White matt
      Depth 15 cm
      Height 49 cm
      Sundahus Yes C-
      Type of product Heated towel rail
      Weight 0.599
      Width 6 cm

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