Hamra mirror cabinet

The new Hamra mirror cabinet combines contemporary, classic design with adjustable, advanced lighting. The colour temperature and brightness of the lighting are easy to adjust with a knob on the side of the cabinet. Hamra is available in widths of 50–120 cm, and is fixed securely to the wall with the EasyMount system. Comes complete with electrical socket, clever storage magnet and basin lighting. Dividers for the cabinet are available in widths of 60, 80, 100 and 120 cm

Lighting control

Lighting control

The easily accessible lighting control is made of aluminium. It can be installed on either the left or right side of the mirror cabinet.

Adjusting the lighting

Adjusting the lighting

Press the button to switch the light on and off. Keep the button depressed to adjust the colour, and turn the knob to control the brightness.

Soft LED lighting

Soft LED lighting

Soft LED lighting provides a more accurate reflection of your skin colour in the mirror. The light is directed forwards and downwards.

Dividers inside the cabinet

Dividers inside the cabinet

Dividers and moveable shelves inside the cabinet make storage easier, for instance of tall bottles.

Matching back panel

Matching back panel

The back panel always matches the colour of the mirror cabinet, giving your bathroom a uniform look.



Our simple EasyMount hanging system requires fewer installation steps. It fixes to the wall with just two screws, causing less impact on the moisture barrier.



Our wooden furniture is coated in multiple stages for maximum durability. Our unique varnishing method, 3+2, DuraDry, ensures optimal moisture resistance and product lifespan.

Product information

    • Hamra mirror cabinet


      • Energy-effective soft, dimmable lighting

      • Dimmable colour temperature (2,700–6,400K)

      • Knob on cabinet to control the lighting

      • Basin lighting

      • Magnet for holding small objects

      • Mirror cabinet dividers included in 60, 80, 120 cm versions

      • EasyMount hanging system fast, simple, safe wall mounting of mirror cabinet

      • Adjustable premium soft-closing hinges

      • The mirrors have a wide opening angle of 125°, which makes it easier to position several mirror cabinets next to each other in the bathroom and facilitates cleaning.

      • Moveable toughened glass shelves

      • Electrical socket in upper right corner of cabinet, can be changed to left on installation

      • Easier to adjust the mirrors, minimal gap between the mirrors

      • Duradry coating process

      • Made in Sweden

      • 10 year guarantee

      • IP 44 - certified

      • Supplied ready-assembled with third party certified electronic components

      • 225452.png
      • 225449.png
    • Item No. Description RSK EAN
      Item No.: 325050 Description: Hamra Mirror cabinets 50 White LED RSK: 8948210 EAN: 7323100253422
      Item No.: 327050 Description: Hamra Mirror cabinets 50 Slate gray LED RSK: 8948225 EAN: 7323100253811
      Item No.: 325060 Description: Hamra Mirror cabinets 60 White LED RSK: 8948211 EAN: 7323100253439
      Item No.: 327060 Description: Hamra Mirror cabinets 60 Slate gray LED RSK: 8948226 EAN: 7323100253828
      Item No.: 325080 Description: Hamra Mirror cabinets 80 White LED RSK: 8948217 EAN: 7323100253491
      Item No.: 327080 Description: Hamra Mirror cabinets 80 Slate gray LED RSK: 8948232 EAN: 7323100253880
      Item No.: 325100 Description: Hamra Mirror cabinets 100 White LED RSK: 8948220 EAN: 7323100266460
      Item No.: 327100 Description: Hamra Mirror cabinets 100 Slate gray LED RSK: 8948235 EAN: 7323100266521
      Item No.: 325120 Description: Hamra Mirror cabinets 120 White RSK: 8948222 EAN: 7323100266477
      Item No.: 327120 Description: Hamra Mirror cabinets 120 Slate gray RSK: 8948237 EAN: 7323100266538
    • Key Value
      Sundahus Yes B
      Svanens husproduktportal Yes Listad
      Lighting LED
      Colour White / Slate gray
      Energy efficiency A++ till A
      IP IP44
      System Effect 11,9 W / 18,9 W / 37,3 W
      Lumen 490-550 lm / 780-900 lm
      CRI/RA >90
      MacAdam 3 SDCM
      Width 49 cm / 54 cm / 84 cm / 104 cm / 124 cm
      Height 72,5 cm
      Depth 21 cm
      Material MDF
      Power outlet 230V power socket
      Shelf 2 shelves
      Washbasin lighting Yes

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