Pencil black

- Calm, soft and exclusive


We aim to offer opportunities to express personal style while creating a coordinated bathroom interior. From a design perspective, it’s about delivering an experience that spans multiple product categories. In this regard, a coordinated finish is an important detail that contributes to the desired overall effect. Moreover, offering two different surface finishes allows scope for creating a variety of styles. Our aim was to introduce a new finish that is durable and contributes to a long product lifespan.

Pencil black

The inspiration

Our inspiration for the pencil black finish comes from continental interior design. The finish complements other interior details in natural materials such as brown and light wood, while contrasting with the white to sand colour scale. It also looks great combined with matt black details.


The finish

Pencil black has a calmer, softer, more exclusive look than matt black. The brushed* tactile finish shimmers slightly in the light, giving it a more vibrant and refined character. *The Skoga shower has a powder-coated, polished finish known as polihed pencil black.

Pencil black
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