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An open and exclusive look

Large glass panels give an open, exclusive look. Designed for those who value an aesthetic, stylish look.

180° spans everything from standard options to customised special design solutions. We have a solution for everything. For example, you can choose between Bronze or Smoked Glass for a more inviting and exclusive feel.

Complement your choices with coloured fittings that either blend in or create stunning contrasts.
Complement your choices with coloured fittings that either blend in or create stunning contrasts.

An open and exclusive look


Large glass panels create an open, exclusive look.


Corner shower, alcove shower and shower screen. Shower screen for a bath. Customised special solutions.


Foldable and space-saving. Reversible for positioning on the right or left.


8 mm toughened safety glass. CE marked. Made in Sweden and sold with a 20-year warranty.

Corner shower

There’s a lot to be said for the corner showers in our 180° collection. Maybe the smartest thing of all is that the doors can be folded inwards when the shower is not in use to free up floor space. What’s more, the doors finish closing automatically. And that’s before even mentioning the corner showers’ attractive design.

Shower screens

Our 180° shower collection offers a variety of beautiful and practical shower screens. Which type suits your bathroom best? A solid screen, a screen with a door or a screen for combining with a bath? All three solutions are practical and enhance the design of your bathroom.


If you’ve already got three walls and want to build an alcove shower, we’ve got various solutions: single, double and double combination. The large glass panels create a light and airy look and are easy to clean. The handles, hinges, rod and floor mounting enhance the overall look.


You always
get these things.

Safety glass

Our 180° shower set comes with 8 mm toughened safety glass.


Hinges that finish the door closing automatically for an exclusive shower experience.

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