Forma - The choice is yours

Forma’s high flexibility means that it suits most bathrooms, large and small alike. In short, you can mix and match it almost as you want. We provide the choice, you provide the vision and imagination. Choose between different front panels, colours, basins, mixers and handles. Almost everything is included, but you can add a few simple extras to further accentuate your personal style.

This is perhaps the most flexible furniture collection we've ever created.

If you like Forma’s design, you’ll love all the choice it gives you. You decide the style through your choice of fronts, cabinets, colours, materials, widths, depths and details. Drawer fronts with integrated handles are a new feature this year.

For large and small bathrooms

Our Forma furniture collection was introduced a few years ago and has proved extremely popular. We put this down to its timeless design. Forma furniture is easy to love and creates calm and harmony. The lines are straight and clean, providing a backdrop for the details and everything else you choose to put in your bathroom. You can vary the look of the furniture with your choice of front panels, basins, handles and mixers. We leave that up to you. According to our designers, Forma products are ideal for small and large bathrooms alike.


Explore Forma

A new way to buy bathroom furniture. Mix and match exactly as you choose. Forma is more than a bathroom collection; it’s a whole new approach to buying bathroom furniture. A new way of thinking where you, personally, are in the driver’s seat. You decide. You choose everything: style, front panels, colours, materials, widths, depths and details. This furniture collection has revolutionised the bathroom industry. You might as well get used to the idea. This is how we’ll buy bathroom furniture in the future.

Keep everything in order

The drawers have divider inserts that make it easy to keep the contents tidy and organised. The inserts are very durable and low-maintenance. Wooden drawer inserts are available as an option. An attractive and practical solution. Our smart EasyClean water trap is included, which makes cleaning much easier.

Six different fronts

You can also choose between various fronts. Our Flat drawer front is available with either a Push open function or an integrated handle. The choice is yours.







Push open

Easy to like

Forma furniture is easy to like. It has straight, clean lines and distinctive details. You can give the furniture different styles by choosing from a range of basins, mixers, side storage and baths.

How colours affect the overall look

Of course, the colour you choose for your bathroom furniture is important in determining the overall look. That's why we offer a choice of four standard colours and five optional colours. The standard colours are white, slate grey, blonde oak and black oak, and the optional colours are marine, ash grey, limestone, sand and sage.

Selected colours


Ash grey




Silestone or Dekton worktops

The countertop is available in Dekton or Silestone. Dekton is an exceptionally hard material with a higher bend strength than granite. The material is UV-resistant, which makes the surface easy to clean and prevents fading. Choose between Sirius (black), Keon (grey) and Aura (white). Silestone is made of quartz, one of the world’s hardest materials. A durable, scratch-resistant material. Choose between Tebas (black) or Helix (marbled).











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