Flushing mechanism Lazer mini

Spare parts for the flushing mechanism Lazer mini

When uncertain which part you need, please check the break down of spare parts under "download"

  • 209226.png

    Silicone sealant

    Item No.: 99973 In stock $225.00
  • 209176.png

    Plastic ring

    Item No.: 98935 In stock $175.00
  • 209228.png

    Packing in tank

    Item No.: 99975 In stock $200.00
  • 209179.png

    Fixing set tank/wc

    Item No.: 98945 Few in stock $260.00
  • 209229.png

    Locking nut flush mechanism

    Item No.: 99976 Few in stock $260.00
  • 209182.png

    Complete filling mechanism

    Item No.: 98949 Not in stock Back in stock: 7/25/2024 $665.00

Product information

    • Flushing mechanism Lazer mini

    • Item No. Description RSK EAN
      Item No.: 99973 Description: Silicone sealant RSK: EAN: 7392533999733
      Item No.: 98935 Description: Plastic ring RSK: EAN: 7392533989352
      Item No.: 99975 Description: Packing in tank RSK: EAN: 7392533999757
      Item No.: 98945 Description: Fixing set tank/wc RSK: EAN: 7392533989451
      Item No.: 99976 Description: Locking nut flush mechanism RSK: EAN: 7392533999764
      Item No.: 98949 Description: Complete filling mechanism RSK: EAN: 7392533109330
    • Key Value
      Article Silicone packing / Plastic ring / Packing in tank / Fixing set tank/wc / Locking nut flush mechanism / Complete filling mechanism
      Depth -
      Height -
      Weight .100 / .001
      Width -
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