Our Ista mirror has a clean, minimalist style. With integrated LED lighting behind the frosted frame, it provides exceptionally attractive light in your bathroom and also lights up your face. Ista is available in a round or rectangular version, and with or without a black frame. Read more about

Choose a mirror with halo lighting or a black frame

The Ista mirror is available either with backlighting or with an attractive black aluminium frame.

Round or rectangular mirror

Choose the mirror that suits your bathroom. Ista is available in a rectangular or round version.

Touch button control

Use the three touch buttons to adjust the light temperature, dim the light and switch it on and off.

Frosted lighting

A frosted edge around the mirror gives off a pleasant light and is perfect for tasks such as shaving and applying makeup.

Factory-installed electrics and IP rated

You can always rest assured with our safe electrical installations. Our products have factory-installed electrical components that are N marked, CE marked and IP rated

Product information

    • Ista

      • Adjust the light directly on the mirror

      • The mirror has three touch buttons with on/off function, dimmer function and for colour temperature adjustment

      • Simple mounting system. The mirror is fitted to the wall quickly, easily and securely with a mounting bar

      • Frosted edge around mirror for comfortable light diffusion

      • Safety sheet on back of mirror with information in the event of an accident

      • 5 years guarantee

      • IP 44 - certified

      • Supplied ready-assembled with third party certified electronic components

      • A tall mirror that makes a small bathroom look bigger

      • 225574.png
      • 225573.png
      • 225572.png
      • 225571.png
      • 225570.png
      • 225569.png
      • 225435.png
    • Item No. Description RSK EAN
      Item No.: 453060 Description: Mirror Ista 60x80 LED Touch RSK: 8879762 EAN: 7323100289308
      Item No.: 453080 Description: Mirror Ista 80x80 LED Touch RSK: 8879763 EAN: 7323100289315
      Item No.: 453100 Description: Mirror Ista 100x80 LED Touch RSK: 8879764 EAN: 7323100289322
      Item No.: 453120 Description: Mirror Ista 120x80 LED Touch RSK: 8879765 EAN: 7323100289339
    • Key Value
      S-Märkt Yes
      Lighting LED
      Energy efficiency A++ till A
      IP IP44
      System Effect 49,1 W / 57,1 W / 64,8 W / 68,4 W
      Lumen 1385 lm / 1560 lm / 1815 lm / 1915 lm
      CRI/RA 95
      MacAdam 3
      Width 60 cm / 80 cm / 100 cm / 120 cm
      Height 80 cm
      Depth 2,9 cm
      Material Glass

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