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Pause life for a moment

At Svedbergs we create bathrooms that give you new possibilities. Choose freely from our bathroom furniture, baths and showers to create exactly the mood you want. A place where you can pause life for a moment – without anyone wondering why. Welcome to your bathroom.

A world first that hardly anyone will see
When we began developing a new drawer concept for our bathroom furniture we set out to create a reliable and practical design. We also wanted users to have the option of adding extras to enhance their bathroom experience. You can see the results in our Forma, Stil and DK bathroom furniture.
A genuinely hot design feature
You can furnish your Svedbergs bathroom with electric or centrally heated towel rails in a choice of sizes and designs. In our world, practical solutions, such as timers and hooks, are just as important in a bathroom as good design.
A fresh approach to bathroom furniture
Our new DK is a range of bathroom furniture with a simple, spacious look, inspired by Scandinavian design traditions.

Svedbergs Bathroom Book 2018

Inside our new bathroom book you will find bathroom furniture, baths, showers, heated towel rails and toilets. In other words, everything you expect to find in a bathroom. Click on the link to order our book or browse through it on on our website.

Bathroom book