Intro - Metal and function in beautiful symbiosis

This is our gift to everyone with a small bathroom and big dreams. It combines a clean-lined aesthetic with a strong focus on practical function. Intro is a collection of sheet metal furniture that is highly durable as well as trendy, practical and space-saving.

Intro is tough and durable

Intro is manufactured using our unique EnduraDry method. It is made of galvanised sheet metal, a material originally designed for the automotive industry. Our environmentally friendly zinc-iron alloy coating provides effective rust protection and an exceptionally durable surface finish.

Material with the highest rating

Intro is our toughest furniture collection in terms of hardness and durability. It is made of galvanised sheet metal with a coating based on nanotechnology. This combination provides an exceptionally tight and durable surface finish. The state research institute RISE has awarded our products with the highest rating.


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