DK - Already a bathroom classic

The clean lines and minimalist expression leave no doubt – this is Danish design at its best. Designed by Morten Voss and Stinne Knudsen. Morten is self-taught and opened his studio in 1994 in Copenhagen. He is best known for his classic FlightDeck table. Stinne graduated from the Danish Design School in 2001 and has since worked with product design and interior design. He designs the big shapes and she creates the detail and colours. A few years ago, The duo created DK for Svedbergs.

Step closer to Nordic nature

The designers behind DK are Morten Voss and Stinne Knudsen. In true Danish design spirit, the result is a beautiful symbiosis of aesthetics and function. The feel of wood teams up with white to emphasise the light, spacious Scandinavian feel.

Calm and harmony

This furniture collection has a clean, spacious style without superfluous embellishment or unusual elements. It breathes calm and harmony. The focus is on creating a balance between the practical and the aesthetic. With its exclusive Scandinavian look, this collection is already something of a classic. Everything exudes quality. You’ll notice it in the craftsmanship and details.


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