Entré 2007-> Spare parts

Entré corner shower. Has two opening doors with rubber seals on bottom edges. Neat hinges lower the door as it closes, compressing the rubber seal against the floor. The doors can be folded inwards when shower is not in use, to increase free floor space. No threshold – allows disabled access. The shower walls can be supplemented with 20 or 40 mm wall profiles. Height 195 cm. Door opening 90x90=114 cm.

  • 209131.png

    Rubber seal Entre, high (round/flat), 1pcs,

    Item No.: 65986 In stock 320 kr
  • 209146.png

    Rubber seal Entre (round), 1pcs.

    Item No.: 98124 In stock 310 kr
  • 209141.png

    Magnetic Profile Entré H-Round, 2pcs.

    Item No.: 98064 In stock 510 kr

Product information

    • Entré 2007-> Spare parts

      Rubber seal Entre, high (round/flat)

    • Item No. Description RSK EAN
      Item No.: 65986 Description: Rubber seal Entre, high (round/flat), 1pcs, RSK: 7398466 EAN: 7392533659866
      Item No.: 98124 Description: Rubber seal Entre (round), 1pcs. RSK: 7398468 EAN: 7392533144768
      Item No.: 98064 Description: Magnetic Profile Entré H-Round, 2pcs. RSK: EAN: 7392533318404
    • Key Value
      Article Rubber seal Entre, high (round/flat) / Rubber seal Entre (round) / Magnetic Profile Entré H-Round
      Weight .250 / .001
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