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Ritual Corner shower 90x90

Shower corner with a simple sliding door. Door oepning 46 cm. All measurements are reversable left or right handed. Wall profile allowes pipes to run 25 mm from the wall, Extra profile available 20 and 40 mm. Height 195 cm

* Call us emodit arcil int idebis qui ad escia 000-000000.

Width: 80
Depth: 90
Shower seat Relax
180° Corner shower bath
180° Corner shower 80x80
180° Corner shower 80x90
180° Corner shower 80x100
180° Corner shower 90x90
180° Corner shower 90x100
180° Corner shower 100x100
180° Corner shower 1 door 80x80
Ritual Corner shower 90x90x189,2 White Clear glass