The Z1700 bath with a shower is perfect if you have a small bathroom but want to take baths as well as showers.

Product information

    • Z1700

      A small, practical bath with with plenty of shower space. Perfect if you have a small bathroom but want to take baths as well as showers. Or if your children like to take baths. Available for right-hand or left-hand installation. The smart shape allows plenty of room for taking a shower while optimising the space in the rest of the bathroom.

      • Removable front/end panel provides easy access for cleaning underneath the bath and cleaning the floor drain. Adjustable magnetic stabilisers at lower edge of front/end panel, to keep the bath firmly in place if it accidentally gets knocked.

      • The bath can be tiled in.

      • Drain connection with chrome pop-up waste and flexible hose included.

      • Adjustable feet included, perfect for sloping floors.

      • Sturdy legs give the bath a stable feel when you get in.

      • Acrylic is a classic synthetic material that has a long history of use in bath manufacturing. Due to its exceptional malleability, acrylic can be used to create lightweight, comfortable and attractive bathtubs with a generous depth. Easy to clean and maintain.

      • CE marked in compliance with current bath standards.

      • Front included, but add an end panel for corner installation.

      • Add a wall-mounted mixer or a shower set with a wide shower head.

      • You can add a shower screen to increase your shower space.

      • 5 years guarantee

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    • Item No. Description RSK EAN
      Item No.: Z1700V Description: Shower bath Z1700 left RSK: 7382856 EAN: 7323100008923
      Item No.: Z1700H Description: Shower bath Z1700 right RSK: 7382854 EAN: 7323100008909
      Item No.: Z1700VG Description: Shower bath Z1700 left including panel RSK: 7382857 EAN: 7323100008930
      Item No.: Z1700HG Description: Shower bath Z1700 right including panel RSK: 7382855 EAN: 7323100008916
    • Key Value
      Sundahus Yes B
      End panel None / End panel
      Bath depth 42 cm
      Bath water volume 230
      Weight 43 kg
      Width 170 cm
      CE Yes
      BvB Yes
      Colour White
      Depth 70/85 cm
      Height 60 cm
      Material Acrylic
      Placement Against the wall
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