Valje mirror

Valje has atmospheric lighting around the edge of the mirror, creating a relaxing halo-like glow in your bathroom. Valje comes in a variety of shapes including round, rounded, oval and double, or with a more traditional look. Add extra LED lighting to the rectangular mirror to provide plenty of lighting in the entire bathroom. Read more about

Add extra lighting

Add optional extra mirror lighting to supplement the light on the rectangular mirrors.

Choose the solution that suits you best

Valje is available in many versions. Choose between round, oval or a traditional mirror.

A taller mirror makes the room look larger

All our rectangular mirrors are 80 cm tall. A larger mirror makes a small room seem bigger.

Backlighting around the mirror

Valje has backlighting that creates a beautiful halo around the mirror.

Factory-installed electrics and IP rated

You can always rest assured with our safe electrical installations. Our products have factory-installed electrical components that are N marked, CE marked and IP rated

Product information

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