Jenny is a round mirror cabinet in durable sheet metal without lighting. It comes in two colours and has a width of 60 cm. Read more about

Product information

    • Jenny


      • Width: 60

      • White or black edge

      • Fold-out door

      • Two shelves

      • Metal cabinets

      • 221322.png
    • Item No. Description RSK EAN
      Item No.: 3320 Description: Mirror cabinet Jenny, white RSK: 8972872 EAN: 7323100006509
      Item No.: 3321 Description: Mirror cabinet Jenny, black RSK: 8972873 EAN: 7323100006707
    • Key Value
      Colour White / Black
      Width 60 cm
      Height 60 cm
      Depth 11 cm
      Material Sheet metal
      Power outlet None
Svedbergs Bathrooms

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