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Simple and functional are the central themes for this style. A clean design without decoration and embellishment. The Shakers were a religious sect that originated in 18th century England. Tidiness and order were central to Shaker culture. Everything in the home was kept neat and in its proper place. Shakers are sometimes referred to as the first minimalists. The Shakers embraced the three concepts of honesty, function and simplicity. This also applied to their furniture. The Shaker style is very popular today with its pared-back, understated look.



The beauty in simplicity
Create a feeling of calm by paring your bathroom back to the bare essentials. Stark design emphasising shape and proportions, often with creative solutions that add extra function. Natural, durable materials. A colour palette based on grey, green and white.



Products compatible with this style
With its emphasis on simplicity and function and absence of decoration and embellishment, the Shaker style has moved into many homes. Is a crisp look with a pared-back design perfect for you and your bathroom? Accentuate it with our clean-lined Halde mixer in chrome.
Style features
→ Simple
→ Functional
→ Natural materials
→ Crisp
→ Neat and tidy

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