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A simple, harmonious and timeless style for a clean, essential bathroom interior. Choose between minimalist dark and minimalist light. Minimalist dark is characterised by black, burnt wood, walnut, black stone, cool surfaces, straight lines and simple shapes. Minimalist light has the same cool look as the dark version, with simple lines and shapes. But the light version is dominated by white instead of black and dark.



A cool, essential bathroom interior
The idea behind this style is to eliminate anything unnecessary and only keep things that have an obvious function. Open surfaces, clean lines and a minimal amount of furniture and objects typifies this style.



Products compatible with this style
Strip away anything unnecessary to create a minimalist bathroom interior, perhaps with the Bold mixer in a central position? A simple and timeless style that creates harmony in the room and in your soul.
Style features
→ Pared back
→ Open surfaces
→ Clean lines
→ Minimal amount of furniture
→ Few objects

There’s a style for everybody

We’ll be spotlighting different styles during the year to provide you with inspiration. See this as a style guide, a tool to help you find your personal style.

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