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The popular industrial style is characterised by raw surfaces, a graphic, dark colour palette and hard materials. Black, sheet metal and stainless steel figure strongly. Details are typically inspired by old factory and warehouse environments. This style creates a slightly hard and masculine feel in your bathroom – unless you choose to mix it up with softer materials.



Dark bathroom colours
Concrete, steel and raw, untreated materials are typical of this style.
Think brick, raw wood and various types of metal. Darker shades such as black, grey and burnt browns dominate the look.



Products compatible with this style
Add an exciting twist to your cosy bathroom interior with raw surfaces, dark colours and hard materials. Typical elements of the industrial style are concrete, different metals and shades of black. The mixer in the picture is aptly called Industria, and in the background you can see a front panel in Clay, one of our new colours.
Style features
→ Raw surfaces
→ Concrete & brick
→ Metals
→ Black
→ Raw wood

There’s a style for everybody

We’ll be spotlighting different styles during the year to provide you with inspiration. See this as a style guide, a tool to help you find your personal style.

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