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Nordic nature is full of beautiful lakes and waterways. Smooth, shiny surfaces with reflective details glittering in the light. Tiny dewdrops strewn like pearls over the grass, or a bubbling brook glistening in the spring sunshine.
The first mirror ever was probably the smooth, unruffled surface of a body of water. People have always been fascinated by their own reflection. Another type of reflection is our inner journey, which requires space, presence and stillness.
The bathroom is a great place for inner as well as outer reflection. Just like nature.



The new round Selfie mirror is both timeless and trendy. This clean-lined mirror has decorative, functional lighting all the way round, which is easily controlled directly on the mirror. The lighting is dimmable and adjusted with a touch function.





The mirror has a decorative LED strip around the edge which provides pleasant lighting all the way round.
Decorating with mirrors is a smart and simple way to make a room appear larger. In addition to reflecting the room, the mirror also reflects light, creating an illusion of added space.
Early morning, midday or late evening? It’s great to be able to adjust your lighting for different situations. The ideal lighting for your morning make-up or shaving routine is different to the lighting you want when brushing your teeth at night. The round Selfie mirror is surrounded by dimmable lighting that is easily adjusted directly on the mirror with a touch function.
The high-power LED on the mirror has a colour temperature of 3,400K. This gives a cool, clear light that accentuates contrasts and contours. The perfect bathroom lighting.


Mirror, mirror on the wall… Is the round Selfie with its decorative LED frame the perfect solution for your bathroom? Find your nearest dealer here.