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Our approach to the design and function

Design and product development follow each other on Svedbergs. Appearance and function should co-operate and add to the complete solution. Everything is based on our idea of The Complete Bathroom. Furniture is matching the shower that is matching the bathroom Sauna. The washbasin mixer is part of a family that has corresponding mixers for shower and bath. Colours, shape and function- everything comes together and is easy to match.

Awarded design co-operations

In our own R&D department we have designers specialized in different areas, for instance lighting. Alot of products are also designed together with external designers or design companies. The Oval bath, for instance, is designed by Pelican Copenhagen.

Nominated to The Grand Award of Design 2007

Svedbergs was nominated together with the design agency Propeller for The Grand Award od Design 2007 for the shower range Cube. "It is great to get attention to what we are doing", says Dan Pettersson, Product Manager on Svedbergs.

The shower range Cube has been developed in co-operation with the design agency Propeller and was launched 2006. Cube has had a tremendous success on the market and has become a best seller for Svedbergs. The fact that Cube was nominated for The Grand Award of Design 2007award can be seen as a reward for Svedbergs. "We have got a confirmation that Cube has contributed with both design and innovation to the market" says Dan. Design is only partly about surface, primarily it´s about function and clever solutions that simplifies the daily life for our customers. This is something that The Grand Award ofDesign rewards. "Of course it feels wonderful to be nominated for a price that previously awarded Volvo XC90 and SonyEricsson T610", Dan continues.

The Grand Award of Design is awarded annually in a ceremony in Stockholm by the association of Swedish Engineering Industries in association with the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation and the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design. From the five nominees a winner is selected that is awarded with a price amount of SEK 250.000, of which half should be donated to a research project within the area of design. For Svedbergs the nomination meant a lot of honour and focus on Svedbergs as a company dedicated to good design. For our retailers it means a good reason for selling Cube and Svebergs complete bathrooms.

ELLE Interior awards Bianca to the Best Bathroom Product 2007

When ELLE Interior presented the Swedish design of the Year at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Svedbergs was awarded for the Bianca range in the category Bathroom Product of the Year. The announcement from the jury read: "Washbasin Bianca shows exciting and clever solutions"

We would like to praise the designers Mia gammelgaard and Ehlén Johanssno and the R&D team at Svedbergs that made the ideas come true. Good job!

Elle Interior Design Award 2007: This award is the swedish jury´s selection for the 6th EDIDA/ELLE Deco International Design Awards, the design competition for 23 of the international ELLE group magazines. Bathroom Product of the Year is one of 12 categories. The result of the international votes will be presented on the Furniture Fair in Milan.

Function that heightens your life. Even though we all deserve a luxurious Spa experience once in a while, it is in the day-to-day use your bathroom really has to show where it stands.

Can your storage help you to keep control of your things? Can your storage help you to maintain your bathroom neat and tidy? Is your lighting good enough both for putting your makeup on and a relaxing time in the bath? Do you have a shaver socket close to the wash basin mirror? There things are already built in to our products.Things you might not see but you will notice. That is the clever bathroom.