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Most people in Sweden with an interest in interior design will associate Svedbergs with bathroom design. However it was not always like that. When Holger Svedberg started the business in 1920 – his aim was to make the best milk churns he possibly could and developing products from his workshop his dream became reality. His milk churns were used throughout South West Sweden at the time.

As time went on two of his sons Sune and Stig Svedberg took over the business and started a small bathroom revolution. The first bathroom cabinet was born and the small workshop extended into a real factory where the first bathroom furniture was made. The knowhow of how to make quality furniture is still with us and runs through the veins of our company. We make use of modern technology paired with traditional workmanship. As always; attention to detail is key for us in Dalstorp whether we are making milk churns or steam showers or vanity units.

We are proud of our history and of what we make today. It is the people that make it possible and we have a tradition of creative design something we treasure and look after. Paired with innovation and new technology we are looking forward to bringing new exciting products to the market place. We are constantly looking at how we can improve and develop new products to make your bathroom better. We gather inspiration from our surroundings in Dalstorp and around the world.